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The kitchen is no longer interpreted as just an enclosed working space; instead, it is a genuine extension of the living area, the fulcrum of the home, dedicated to spending time together.

About Sign kitchens

Sign is an informal kitchen characterized by great attention to materials, in a mix of colors that create very elegant environments with a strong emotional impact. The Zed profile door is available in numerous finishes ranging from veneers to wood-effect hi-melamine and lacquered. The Zed Frame door exclusively in Stone+ and glass. The design of the handle grip has a minimalist visual impact and a practical and fluid opening. Cut in a Z shape on the back of the door, it denotes a remarkable stylistic research enriched by the variety of color combinations and finishes. Configurable in different sizes, the patented Daylight system makes each element exclusive. The visible support elements create harmonious designs between the columns, base units, and wall units. Practical and functional, Move-on/Move-on Plus allows you to juggle with greater comfort in the working area. Move-on slides over the worktop, which acquires more space in depth and is better suited to food preparation. The ‘Plus’ version covers an additional space, an equipped tool compartment. The top is available in a wide range of melamine and veneer and lends itself to different compositional solutions depending on its size. The materials of the Stay open elements range from veneered woods to Fenix, lacquered and melamine. A modular system whose open shelves are equipped with a steel front, shelves and dividers, and a cap that completes the structure that attaches to the Set paneling. The worktop, with the integrated Able washing/cooking area, boasts a system in which the cooking area is under-top induction made solely of MDi induction by Inalco ceramic material (exclusive to Ernestomeda).Expressive strength and high technology.An invisible induction top under a specially designed material on which one can cut, knead, cook.The touch control panel on the cooktop can be positioned to the side or front of the cooking area. View display cabinets, which can be used in wall units, tall units, and hanging cabinets, result in a myriad of finishes. The Bridge system is a bridge channel attached to the countertop and made of aluminum that can be equipped with glass divider backs, wood accessories, aluminum accessories, and with LED lighting, activated by remote switch. The K-System hood in satin-finished steel is equipped with solid bamboo shelves.

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