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Contemporary, simple, versatile.

About One kitchens

ONE is the direct kitchen in contemporary style both practical and versatile.‎ The fitted open units and ample pantries, empower ideal utilization of spaces.‎ The island structure sets the mind-set of this warm, complex room.‎ Meeting the requirement for socialization in a mix of varieties and decision finishes.‎ The space grows and connects the kitchen and living area.‎ Unique, utilitarian piece arrangements, for the ideal setting of family life.‎ A negligible, refined kitchen.‎ Exploits regular light and the huge inside to produce striking impressions.‎ In this format, impacts are accomplished with duality of volume.‎ Both in the changing thicknesses of the washing and cooking zones and in the discourse among wood and all the more cutting edge materials, for dynamic, magic kitchen design.‎

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