Color Trend

Color Trend kitchen cabinets

Lacquered doors transform the room into a creative space.

About Color Trend kitchens

The personality of Color Trend should be visible from its name: a model highlighting lacquered entryways accessible in a large number of varieties, permitting the formation of monochrome arrangements or a blend of various shades. The outcome is a special enlivening impact that comes from the rotation of various tones in the different components. Variety Trend kitchens convey in the language of variety. Your kitchen can communicate itself thoughts either through impacts made by a cautious utilization of various varieties, or utilizing the perfect, sober impact of monochrome. A significant component of this model is that it very well may be blended in with all others to make remarkable, individual mixes. This makes Color Trend a really adaptable kitchen and the most extreme articulation of Stosa plan adaptability.

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