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The contemporaneity and internationality of being 'Made in Italy' Brera Academy, for truly contemporary timeless Italian design

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Brera Academy – Milan’s nineteenth century Accademia di Brera used to hold yearly presentations in its great Palazzo Brera, these were popular for exhibiting the best workmanship and culture of their time.‎ It is no occurrence then that this renowned foundation has roused our Brera Academy collection.‎ An assortment which honors magnificence, craftsmanship, painting, model or more all to the solid social practices of Italy and Europe.‎ Aster’s Brera Academy, has been exceptionally considered to give a contemporary new wind to this incredible school, adding a spot of mid 20th century Milanese plan culture for good measure.‎ From the city of extraordinary creators like Giò Ponti and Paolo Buffa.‎

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