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Different materials combine to give unequalled sophistication.

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A blend of feel and association, new Aliant kitchens can communicate their thoughts in different ways to make various arrangements: from picture-great, HPL covered islands to refined straight kitchens improved by the straightforwardness of glass, the entire way to very rich arrangements that connect with the living region. The outcome is a powerful yet refined kitchen that is likewise brimming with character. With Aliant kitchens, materials are the outright stars: glass, which is equipped for giving profundity to varieties and softness to the home, enhancing each space when utilized in its two variants, straightforward and obscure, and playing with the reflections made by this immortal material; HPL which, as an elite execution cover, is serious areas of strength for both flexible and can be utilized to make consistent surfaces with impeccably coordinated sink and hob for extraordinary enhanced visualization. At long last there is Neolith®, the man-made sintered stone made from 100 percent normal unrefined substances, in which tastefulness and sturdiness combine in an item with one of a kind qualities.

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